Metabolism genes are among the differentially expressed ones observed in lymphomononuclear cells of recently diagnosed type 1 diabetes mellitus patients.


The large-scale differential gene expression in lymphomononuclear cells of six patients with recently diagnosed type), and six normal individuals matched to patients for sex and age were studied. Glass slides containing 4608 cDNAs from the IMAGE library were spotted using robotic technology. Statistical analysis was carried out by the SAM program, and gene function assessed by the FATIGO program. Thirty differentially expressed genes (21 induced and 9 repressed) were disclosed when DM-1 patients were compared with controls. Although presenting with distinct biological function, most of the induced or repressed genes were related with protein, phosphate, DNA, RNA, carboxylic acid, and fatty acid metabolism. Although some of these genes have been previously associated with the pathogenesis of T1DM, many other genes were identified for further studies.


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